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Friday, 12 May 2017

Lonely Bouquet Day Success

Twelve members of the Milford Floral Art Club met in All Saints' Church Hall last Friday and made approximately 30 small hand-tied bunches/bouquets. These were then randomly distributed throughout the village and surrounds as part of the national Lonely Bouquet Day. 

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Each bouquet had a label explaining what the event was all about and giving details of the Club Chairman, Jackie Parker, in order to collect feedback on where they ended up, and any other comments that the recipient wanted to make.

As you can see from the feedback below they were incredibly well received, making the whole enterprise well worth while - and one person is even considering joining the Club!

Well done ladies, so nice of you to make the effort to put a smile on peoples faces.

Feedback from the Lonely Bouquet Finders

“What a lovely surprise as when my husband was walking last thing before settling our “boys” 2 dogs, George our Labrador was attracted to this lovely table decoration on a step by Mr Pinks! So thank you so much to Milford Floral Art Club and to our dog for such a lovely surprise.”

“Thank you for my lovely bouquet I found today in Milford! Absolutely made my day - such a lovely thing to do & for me to receive. It will make me smile every time I look at them!” 

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“Molly found this beautiful bouquet yesterday in Milford on Sea.” (See picture)

“We were out walking the dog when we found this beautiful bunch of flowers. We have given them a good home at my mother's flat, she will be 80 on Sunday. What a splendid idea, we thank you and your friends for organising such an event.”

“Thank you so much for your 'lonely bouquet'.... Poppy the dog and I found it earlier today at Keyhaven. My wife and daughter were very happy to receive such a beautiful gift!” 

“Well! What a lovely surprise I had today. I live in Milford and had just set out to walk my dog when I saw this lovely bouquet of flowers laid on a bench. I picked it up thinking someone had left them by accident, and I was going to return them, until I read the note."

What a wonderful idea and a big thank you - they made my day. I didn't want to leave them as I felt they may have just been tossed away by someone else who doesn't appreciate flowers. On another note, I would love to join your flower club. If you would kindly send me details. Once again thank you for the beautiful flowers.”

“Yes I always go around with a smile on my face BUT just posted a couple of letters and I had a smile/largest grin on my face all the way home. Here is a picture of your lonely bouquet that isn't lonely anymore. 

Thank you Milford Floral Art Club for making my day splendid and my office is so happy to have some flowers on my crowded desk especially as my hubby would never dream of giving me flowers. HUGE THANK YOU”

“What a lovey surprise to find your bouquet of flowers by the bus stop in Milford this morning. Especially as for the last six weeks I have been feeling unwell, so the flowers helped to boost my spirits!

Thank you for your kind effort. I believe many other people will have felt the same as me today when they also found some flowers.”

"Thank you very much for the lovely bunch of flowers I found at the Milford on Sea Bus Stop. It was a lovely surprise and we are enjoying the flowers at home. It was a good end to the day, as I had walked with my husband from Naish Holiday Park and we were waiting for the bus to take us back to Bournemouth.”

“I was widowed last year and this wonderful "lonely bouquet" has made me smile.”

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