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Friday, 26 May 2017

CPR Training for Village Clubs & Societies

The Milford on Sea Community Responders have recently been awarded CPR training equipment from the British Heart Foundation and would like to offer training to clubs and societies in the village.

 The training kit will teach trainees how to recognise cardiac arrest and carry out CPR on adults and children.

It uses a film tutorial on a DVD to demonstrate CPR skills. Participants watch the film and practice the skills on portable manikins.

It also shows how public access defibrillators work and their role in the live-saving process, so trainees are aware of their importance and are more confident to use one, if needed.

Up to 10 trainees can be accommodated at a time, you just need a location big enough for everyone to practice (about the same sort of space you would need for yoga.)

If you would like to arrange training sessions for your Village Clubs or Society, please contact John Blessing on 07984 144109.

About the Milford on Sea Community Responders

Milford on Sea now has a newly established Community First Responders group.

The Community First Responders support the South Central Ambulance Service and get deployed to appropriate emergency calls in the village. All are volunteers who donate their time and expertise for free. The group has been founded by Ross Woolgar, Terri Newton and Conrad Curtis.

The advantage of Community First Responders is that in many cases they can get there before the paramedics and commence life saving emergency treatment at the earliest opportunity, which significantly improves patients chances of survival.

If you would like to find out more, or help out with a donation, please contact: Conrad Curtis at

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