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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Gardeners' Warning

We have been asked by a local resident to alert to Milford on Sea gardeners (especially in the New Lane area), to small brown caterpillars which live in hedges and bushes.

Our avid local gardener was severely affected with an itchy, red rash on the upper part of the body, especially the head and neck. 

This happened after cutting a Grisallinia hedge with some of the caterpillars landed in her hair. It is believed that the fine hairs on the caterpillars cause the rash and they become air born if disturbed.


  1. see brown tail moth

  2. Was it this one
    I used to live on Mallorca, and we had these every year. They are very dangerous to animals, such as dogs and cats, as they tend to sniff them, which then affects their throats. Many pets have died as a result :(
    It is very important to burn these nests if at all possible. On the link above, there is information on which organisation to report this incident to.

  3. I live a few houses away from New Lane & have spent a lot of time in our garden lately. Yesterday, 29th April I developed a very itchy rash, in a swathe across my stomach. It looks similar to a nettle rash & is very tormenting. I believe it to be caused by the same insects already referred to. Am hoping it disappears soon.

  4. I used to collect and breed butterflies and moths in my tender years 60 years ago in junior school. Much of my knowledge has disappeared over the years through lack of use, but one piece if advice has always stuck with me. If a caterpillar has hairs on it, do not touch it with your bear hands or skin. Wear gloves and ensure they are cleaned before putting them away. Different species can cause different reactions of severity.

  5. They look like the procession caterpillars we used to see in Spain. If they are, they can be deadly to your pets. Dogs have lost their tongues because them.
    The rashes are quite severe and used to require a visit to the hospital for antihistamine.