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Friday, 10 March 2017

Roccbox the Ultimate Outdoor Oven with Milford DNA

Tom Gozney is both a Milford on Sea resident, entrepreneur, and founder of a successful oven business.

Tom founded The Stone Bake Oven Company in 2009. Since then, his company has received praise from national publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian as well as popular lifestyle magazines and can now be found in homes and restaurants across the world.

Unlike other wood fired oven distributors, The Stone Bake Oven Company pride themselves in being both the manufacturer and distributor of all their products, giving customers the confidence they need in dealing with a member of the Stone Bake team directly.

Still in his thirties, Tom is CEO of a group of companies, and he has now invented the Roccbox, which he believes could revolutionise outdoor cooking. The Roccbox is billed as the world’s first portable and lightweight stone bake oven. It can cook more or less anything, with a pizza ready in under 90 seconds.

Roccbox took four years to develop, boosted by Virgin’s Pitch to Rich initiative and crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Looks like Tom is on to another winner to me. Click here to check the Roccbox out.

The Stone Baked Oven Company
Tom Gozney

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