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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Find a Lonely Bouquet

The Lonely Bouquet has now become an annual event when members of Flower Arranging Clubs, including our own Milford Floral Art Club.

For the event, members of the clubs make up small bouquets of flowers and leave them in random places around their area for members of the public to pick up and enjoy. A label is attached with a request that the recipient contacts a named member of the Club to let them know where the flowers end up.

So, if you find a ‘Lonely Bouquet’ on 5th May 201, please take it with you and enjoy it!

For more information, or to contact the Milford Floral Art Club, please go to

On the 11th May a 'Flower Power' Presentation will be made by National Demonstrator Pat Dibben and hosted by Milford Floral Art Club. Everyone is welcome, please visit for full details. 

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