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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Does Milford Need Its Own Minibus?

The Milford on Sea Community Advisory Panel (Also known as the 'Community Panel') and a number of local organisations believe the village needs a minibus to serve groups and individuals in the Milford Parish. 

This would be over and above the Community Care transport currently taking people to medical appointments and the Community First New Forest bus taking people shopping to New Milton and Lymington once each week. A further minibus could potentially provide transport within and outside this locality. 

To support the case for setting up this proposed service, The Community Panel need to determine who the customers might be and what their needs are.

A questionnaire will soon be going out to selected clubs and organisations, but the group need to make sure they don’t miss any potential individual or organisation users, and they also wish to understand the needs of individuals who are not affiliated to any groups.

If you, or your organisation would like to register your interest in this initiative, would you please contact Terry Bufton on 01590 641875 or e-mail him on

1 comment:

  1. There are a lot of old folk who would love an outing and transport to shops in New Milton and Lymington. Like the Cango bus that goes as far as Pennington but doesn't come to Milford. They pick up folk from their house and drop them off at their destination.

    Another idea is that other villages have an electric car owned and run by the villagers. They book it when needed and use it as a community. As a lower percentage of villagers have a car than most parts of the country this could be a winner!