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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Help a Lost Racing Pigeon

For the last week there has been a lost racing pigeon in and around a garden in Milford on Sea. 

The bird has tags on both feet and does not seem willing to fly away but just walks around looking for food. 

If anyone who has an interest or knowledge in racing pigeons, or birds in general can you please help to rescue it.

Please contact Rosemary Phillips on 01590 641332. 


  1. Well I just 'Googled it' and this came up:

    I'm terrified of pigeons myself (and all flappy things!).

    Nicky Painter

  2. We have lots of tagged and untagged pigeons come to our garden in Milford. They are now wild and are part of a flock. They seem to enjoy being fed and lead their new life!

  3. Just to pass on that there are lots of racing pigeons in Milford ... they all come to our garden when we feed them! If you give them back they will get their necks rung and be no more. Just feed them and enjoy their company. They are now wild.