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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Beach Hut Replacements Delayed

The re-building of the Milford on Sea seafront Beach Huts destroyed on Valentine's Day 2014 has again be delayed.

We understand that at a recent NFDC meeting it was revealed that tenders from four contractors had all been received with costs substantially above those previously expected.

It is understood that the lion's share of the increased costs comes from the works associated with alterations to the create an upper promenade on the beach hut roofs with ramped access.

Further NFDC meetings now need to take place to decide the next step, meanwhile it seems unlikely that the seafront will see any new beach huts in 2016.

Whilst the saga continues, Milford on Sea Parish Council are considering initial design and layout for seafront play facilities. We believe the ideas were discussed at a recent meeting, but as yet we do not know of any proposals.


  1. Please can someone put me right? I was wondering how many of those beach huts that were damaged/removed were privately owned? Surely those that were privately owned were insured by thier owners!? Is that insurance money, if any, going to be paid to NFDC to help cover the costs of rebuilding? OR is NFDC going to pay for ALL of the beach huts???

  2. I have two grandsons who would like to see a skate park in Milford please

  3. In answer to Pete Warne. All huts are privately owned and owners will be paying for their rebuild. IF they were insured they will claim accordingly.

    1. If any of the huts were uninsured would the owners be able to build / rebuild their own huts?