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Friday, 8 April 2016

Food Week Wrapped Up

Founded in 2010, the fifth Milford on Sea Food Week held in 2016 was the biggest and best ever. We estimate over 15,000 people visited the 150+ events held across the village throughout the entire week, possibly making Milford on Sea Food Week one of the largest foodie events in the UK - Not bad for a small foodie village by the sea with an impressive 20 places to eat and only 5000 residents!

The aim of Food Week is to boost and promote village trade, and to entertain, inform and educate the local community and visitors on anything related to food.
With a good number of people visiting Milford on Sea for the first time, we also hope they will have enjoyed the village so much that they will soon be back to the benefit of all village traders.

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As you may know, Food Week is totally community run, and over 300 generous people make everything happen.

This includes our wonderful volunteers, the village restaurants, pubs and café who work so hard to create special events throughout Food Week, the Cookery Theatre demonstrations by village home cooks and local professionals, the Lambing Live team at Aubrey Farm, local shops and businesses running themed events, and the many local organisations, clubs and village charities who organised events for Food Week. A massive thank you goes to them all! - Big thanks also go to everyone that attended any events, Food Week cannot be successful without you coming!

Milford on Sea Food Week is a not for profit community event, and very proud that it is entirely coordinated by a small dedicated group of volunteers who provide their expertise and time for free.

Whilst not a charitable event, Food Week has this year made some profit, so, some of this will be held as a fighting fund for forthcoming events and community ideas we have, and we are delighted to have made donations to:

Food Week Donations 2016
  • New Flower Bed outside Tu Sui Bella in Park Road: £600
  • Community Centre: £500 - Plus, additional Window Display: £116
  • MoS Primary School & PFA: £500
  • MoS Dementia Action Group: £250
  • Friends of Ray of Hope: £250
  • Milford & Keyhaven Sea Scouts: £250
  • MoS Girl Guides/Brownies: £250
  • MoS Pre-School: £250
  • Scarf (New Forest): £250 
  • Milford United Charities: £250 
  • Milford Hospital League of Friends: £250 
  • Total Voice Choir: £250
  • Climbing for Nepal: £100
  • First Friday Lunch: £50
  • Someone Stole My Trumpet: £25
In addition to the Donations of around £4500+ made by Food Week, we were delighted to hear that the charity run events during Food Week also additionally raised in excess of £4700 for their own causes.

Milford Primary School also designed, made & sold 350 bottles of 'School Ketchup' across the village. All of the stock was sold out by 1pm at the CakeFest on Saturday!, and the project raised £600 for the school.

Since Food Week started in 2010, over £30,000 has been distributed across many village good causes.

The biggest thrill for us all behind the scenes in Food Week, is seeing people really enjoying themselves and meeting new people, together with the special pleasure of creating warm memories for our village kids.

We will be doing it all again from Easter Bank Holiday Monday 2nd April 2018, - please get the date in your diary so you don't miss it!

Milford on Sea Food Week
Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here

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