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Friday, 18 March 2016

Food Week on Radio This Sunday

It will come as much as a surprise to you, as it has to me, that your editor has been invited to again appear on the radio.

If you are a radio listener, check out the Nick Girdler show this Sunday, 20th March 2016, yours truly will be on live on air between 9.30am and 9.50am in a radio interview with Nick.

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We will be chatting about Milford on Sea Food Week and then reviewing the Sunday papers. Naturally this a an excellent opportunity to plug Milford on Sea and Food Week, but asking my opinion on the current affairs of the day could be unpredictable!

As you may expect, I will first look for 'Food Stories', to give Food Week another plug. Next, I will look for 'Ridiculous Stories' which appeal to my inappropriate sense of humour. If I have to resort to 'Grown Up' stories, I will be able to give them the slant of a natural village idiot.

I of course, have the perfect face and physique for radio. 

Having done a handful of radio interviews before, I now consider myself a veteran broadcaster. (My wife considers me delusional.) As you may know, my wife never listens to me, so it will be interesting to see if she pays more attention when I am coming out of a speaker!

If you fancy tuning in to witness my embarrassment, and to hear the nonsense we discuss from the day’s news stories, please just set your radio dial to BBC Radio Solent.

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine (who obviously has a mind that operates in strange ways, and far too much time on his hands), created a rather odd 'Food Week Mix'.

Steve 'Carrots' Carroll, is weirdly creative, and took as many strange bits from a previous radio interview as he could, and then mixed them into a nonsense soundtrack. Click here to listen to the 2014 Food Week Mix. Steve 'Carrots' Carroll's mind obviously works in a funny way, but the results are amusing!

That's reminds me, Steve also did a previous video on the Milford on Sea Food Market during Food Week 2010, which is also worth a look. This guy is a bit too creative for his own good!
Next Sunday, 20th March 2016 | The Nick Girdler Show from 09.30am until 09.50am

BBC Radio Solent: 96.1 & 103.8FM: 999 and 1039 AM: DAB:

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  1. Well done David; Radio Solent interview very interesting and selling Milford on Sea Food Week admirably. Let's hope the weather warms up in the next week in readiness for this brilliant event.