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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Food Week Erection Team in Action!

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You may have wondered how all the Food Week posters, signage, banners, bunting and flags magically appears around the village, - it is probably more likely that it has never crossed your mind, or even more likely that you are not bothered.

However, if you keep reading the nonsense in this article you will find out anyway!

We are lucky to have an energetic group of volunteers that make sure the window posters and programmes reach all of the shops.

Then, we have a motley crew of local men who form the Food Week Erection Team. On Friday they gathered in the Community Centre, with a range of tools in hand.

To record this activity for posterity, the picture below shows half of the Food Week Erection Team wrestling with the banner stands, without looking at the instructions of course.

Ignoring the instructions made it much more satisfying when the banner frame erection took something like the correct shape on the fourth of fifth attempt. Some of the tools the guys bought even came in handy, but not sure what we were supposed to do with a strimmer, radiator key and chisels. (Not sure why I bought those along.)

The other half of the team missed the photo, as they had taken the large signs and banners, and were busy putting their erections up around the village centre. 

The morning was quite strenuous, and taking the ages into account, it might be another week or so before the Food Week Erection Team are ready for action again. 

However this will be fine, as the Erection Team are not back on duty until after Food Week, when all of the erection activity will disappear from the village.

Hope you like the signage, and are looking forward to Food Week!

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Milford on Sea Food Week
Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here

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