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Friday, 19 February 2016

Good Samaritan for Mother in Law

Whilst no one was seen pushing my mother in law over (I was at home with my wife, honest), at around 10am on Tuesday a Good Samaritan walking his dog came to her aid as she laid spreadeagled and bleeding on the ground on Church Hill.

The story goes that she was heading back to her car after beauty treatment at Tu Sei Bella (my wife told me to say they she doesn't really need it - and I have been instructed not to comment), as she meandered along, she tripped over on the pavement outside the old HSBC bank building. 

She said she was heading to her car, but we all know that The Cave is in that direction.

After spectacularly breaking her fall with her chin and generally making a bloody mess of the pavement, with the help of a passer by she made it to her feet again. (Good job it rained later otherwise Dave Gates Butchers Shop may have been questioned.) 

The kind man on a dog walk even offered to walk her (and his dog) to the Medical Centre. Sadly, he did not give his name, but you know who you are and are very kind. She sends her belated thanks, as her mouth wasn't working too well at the time.

Naturally I am full of sympathy for my mother in law's plight and her swollen face, and like any dutiful son in law I was trying to find ways to help. The toffees I bought were apparently 'thoughtless' and the mask suggestion described as 'stupid'.

So, I found the ideal get well gift. I managed to get hold of some of the 'Tripping Hazard Signs' pictured above, Then, when she was out, I put up a number of the yellow signs at the top of her house stairs, above her bed, in the front garden and one on the side of her car for luck.

She hasn't thanked me yet, but I suspect it is because she can't say much as talking still hurts at the moment. (Every cloud has a silver lining!)

click image to enlarge
My Mother in Law claims that she is normally steady on her feet, but I think that this old holiday snap from the 1970's tells different.

In fact, I would make a case that it runs in the family, and her daughter is no better as a picture below of her returning home from The Cave shows.
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Note to self  - buy mother in law some beauty vouchers for her birthday, she might need them more than ever now.


  1. This kind man was my other half Jim Carter; he doesn't need any thanks but glad to hear that Mum in Law is okay. Wish her better from both of us.

  2. Nice one Jim, I know she appreciated your help. Hope your dog was not too traumatised!

    1. Two dogs! Bertie said I'm okay but the other half, ie Saffie is a real wimp and limped all the way home pretending she was the injured party.

    2. Some say; - Girls can be so dramatic!
      (Not me of course though.)

  3. Always know we can rely on David to embellish a simple story to almost unrecognisable. My mouth is working fine (David beware) but my memory let me down in trying to recollect if I had said thank you. So thank you Jim. Looking forward to the voucher David, hope you enjoy the "Slimming World" one I have got for your birthday!

  4. Whoops, Looks like I have pulled a tiger’s tail. Scary mother in law!