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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Barnes Lane Tree Disappears

You may have noticed that a landmark tree has disappeared from the garden of Halnaker House in Barnes Lane.

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Sadly, it was discovered on a routine tree survey last year that the giant Monterey pine was dangerously diseased and a hazard to the public.

Homeowner, David Warrilow said: "We appreciate that the tree was quite a landmark, and will be missed by many members of the community, not least my tree-hugging wife."

David explained: "It was therefore necessary to fell the tree as soon as possible, which took a feat of organization in having both the road closed and the electricity turned off in the power cable adjacent the tree. Thanks to Agars Nursery in Hordle for managing to organize that so efficiently."

The work took around six hours, during which time approximately 30 tonnes of wood were removed from the site. From a count of the tree's rings we estimate that the tree was around 150 years old.

To record the event, David made a time lapse video recording of the tree being taken down, and this may be viewed by clicking here (short version), or clicking here (long version).

David said that he was initially stumped in choosing the music for the soundtrack, but he eventually settled on Bach. (Stumped..., Bark.., do you get it?!)

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