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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Post Office to cease in June

Dick Coe, who is heading up the Save Our Post Office team in Milford on Sea has asked us to publish his article below. Naturally, we want to help, and certainly hope that there remains a future for a Post Office in Milford on Sea village:

"The small team that has volunteered to explore ways to maintain a Post Office in Milford on Sea village has been informed that the current PO will cease operations in June this year.

The team and the officers at the Corporate PO Headquarters responsible for finding alternative premises and a new Postmaster, despite direct approaches and advertisements on the PO website, have not been successful to date. There is now a real danger that there will not be continuity of this vital service to the community. 

The SoPO team are appealing to all business-owners in the village to inform one of the team if they have any interest in investing in a business that will: 
  • Provide a vital business to MoS village community. 
  • Considerably increase footfall through their business premises. 
  • Make a significant income contribution to their business overhead costs. 
They should have suitable space in their premises and an existing compatible retail enterprise.

Corporate Post Office finance provide a considerable part of the necessary start-up training, infrastructure, signage and security. 

Do get in touch with any of the SoPO team listed below if you are interested and the team will work with you to ensure that you get all the assistance and information that you need."

Dick Coe: or 01590 719405.

Chrissie Barrs
Rob Askin
Dave Ellis
Peter Ashwood

More information is available on the PO website

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