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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

An Enlightening Debate

Have you ever been to The Red Lion for a couple, meandered over to Zaika for a curry and beers, - and then had a nightcap or two at The Smugglers?

Well I know two blokes who did just this other night, and on leaving the pub they were filled with wonderment (and excessive alcohol) as they stood staring at the lamp posts. 

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Not that they hadn't seen the 'gas light' lamp post before, but in the rain there is nothing better than to stand and have a debate as to when they date back to, when the gas was removed and are they made out of plasticine? 

As they (we) stood and stared aimlessly, another futile debate commenced trying to work out who might have stolen the hanging baskets, or if removed for winter, where are they stored?

Obviously these are big questions, and they seem strangely weird now, but perfectly logical at the time!.

Naturally, this unexpected and pointless diversion meant we were later home than promised, and I was surprised to find the my wife was not really interested in an in-depth discussion about our village street architecture. 

In fact, it was a bit of luck that we had eaten a curry, as my dinner would certainly have been in the dog that night! 

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