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Friday, 25 December 2015

Food Week finds Fabulous Friends

After last week's article about losing our main sponsor for the Food Week Cookery Theatre, - the village has responded brilliantly! (Read original article here.)

Replacing a sponsorship of £3000 is a tall ask, but amounts from £25 to £150 have been coming in from people becoming Friends of Food Week & Business Sponsors.

Whilst a long way till to go, we can certainly see that people are pulling for us, and willingly donating some money for us to make Food Week 2016 the best yet.

Food Week will definitely take place in all of its glory one way or another, we will not let it fail, and in the immortal words of Del Boy; "He who dares wins, he who hesitates... doesn't!"

You can help if you would like by: 
  • Becoming a Friend of Food Week from £25 (click here)
  • or a Business Sponsor: Silver £75 or Gold £150 (click here)
*Friends of Food Week receive 10% Discount on all tickets purchased for Celebrity Events - click here to find out more.

To be in the 25,000+ Food Week Programmes, please let us know by 31st December, after that your support can only show on the Food Week website.

Thanks to everyone who has already given their generous support, Food Week could not happen without you and we are very appreciative. - If you supported us last time, and are happy to do so again, please let me know as soon as possible. (

As you may notice from our sponsors, we do not approach any large organisations unless they have a direct connection with Milford on Sea. Our event is by the village community, for the village community.

Bank Holiday Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016
If you love food, you will love Food Week!

Want to know more about Food Week? - please click here.

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