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Friday, 25 September 2015

It's All Going Potty

As most of the country remains gripped by one of the following: Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, Great British Menu or X-Factor, another show is soon to be on the scene.
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BBC2 will soon unveil the Great British Pottery Throw Down, in which presenter Sara Cox will lead the search for Britain's best potter.

A little bird has told us to keep an eye on the series, as David Rogers, our very own village potter at Vinegar Hill Pottery will be in one episode when one of his basins is used as the expert example.

This new show is made by the team behind The Great British Bake Off, and is described as 'Bake Off’s messier cousin'.

Some may remember that fifty years ago, the BBC used a four-minute film, The Potter’s Wheel, as a soothing test-card.

Others will have their imagination sparked by the  infamous “erotic pottery” scene in the 1990 film, Ghost. Not sure the programme will have scenes like this though!

To see trailer of the show, please click here.

Vinegar Hill Pottery
David Rogers
Mockbeggars, Vinegar Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0RZ

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