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Friday, 21 August 2015

Vote on New Beach Hut Designs

Last week we published an article about the new beach hut designs being considered for Milford on Sea seafront. Click here to read article.

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Our Facebook page has received a number of comments, all supporting the design that extends the promenade onto the beach hut roofs, which is also our favourite.

There are obviously a lot of beach hut owners who are likely to vote, and I wonder if they would take the opinion to share the magnificent views they enjoy, or consider the roofs 'their territory'?

We suspect that everyone has a clear view of the design they want to see on the village seafront that we are all emotionally attached too, but sadly most people are unlikely to vote. Without participating, people run a big risk of ending up with a design they do not want!

So please, join us by voting for your preference. We voted last week. (B!) The form started off painfully, but we were relieved that it became easier and our vote was soon cast!

Make sure that you get your favourite design - Vote on New Beach Hut Designs now: click here


More information on beach hut designs: please click here.

1 comment:

  1. Just a thought, which you might wish to publish as a response to your report?
    When I first saw the design options at the presentation I was impressed by the idea of enabling users (non-beach hut users) to have clear uninterrupted views over the Solent from the top of the beach huts. However, the more I thought about this the more concerned I became. Remember, the remit for the design team was to produce plans that did not increase the overall height of the original beach huts i.e. about 3 to 4 foot above normal promenade footpath level. Whatever spin the design team may put on this, the safety rail will be placed on top of the beach huts so will be another, let's say 3 foot high.
    Whilst we may be able to see through the vertical stainless steel uprights (I suspect every 4 inches or so) I simply envisage a structure which will now be a total height of some 6 to 7 foot above the promenade footpath! I expect that many walkers, the elderly and those with ambulant difficulties will do what they have always done ........ walk along the promenade!
    I hope people will weigh such matters up when making their choices, but I for one will not support a project that said it would not sanction anything higher than the original beach hut height. Walking along the promenade at an oblique angle to the safety rails will most certainly obscure views over several hundred yards and not everyone will be able to take the opportunity to climb the steps onto the top of the roofs.

    Be careful what you wish for?

    Keith Metcalf - Resident