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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Legion Commemorate VJ Day

The Milford on Sea Club played host to the Royal British Legion commemorative dinner on Friday 14th August.

The meeting started in serious tones as Alec Luxon explained his life as a prisoner of the Japanese when he was interned as a child in China during World War 2. Alec stated that as civilians they were not mistreated by the Japanese but did suffer some hardships and that as children they did not have the same concerns as their parents. 

Alex's VJ day, (that is the day when the Americans freed them), was on 17th June 1945 and on that day the well armed Americans were surprised to be mobbed by a gang of kids who simply broke through the camp gates.

The 'Boogie-Woogie' Girls in action
After this introduction, the 46 members of the Legion, friends and supporters enjoyed a threee course dinner prepared by the Milford Club Steward, Paul, his wife and their team at the club.

After the meal the tone moved from commemoration to celebration with members and friends providing a comic sketch, a George Formby tribute style ukulele show, a humorous poem and as a finale three ladies dressed as The Andrews Sisters dancing and miming to "The boogie-woogie Girls of company B". The evening then concluded with a sing-along, Glenn Miller and other dance music.

A memorable evening that raised some £350 for the Poppy appeal.

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