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Friday, 5 June 2015

David Wykes creates a unique evening

During the Milford on Sea Food Week, Julian Whittle successfully bid for meal at home cooked by David Wykes of the award winning Verveine Restaurant in Milford on Sea. Fourteen months later Verveine relocated to George Road for one night only. 

David created a mouthwatering menu and an amazing experience for this very special evening.

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Julian explained:"Last year we won the auction to have David Wykes cook a meal for four at our home, he also promised to do the washing up. At the time of winning we didn’t have a kitchen and the rest of the house was full of dust. Since then life has moved on and some fairly significant building works have been completed. So a couple of Sundays ago, Michelin trained David and Chef Helen brought the famous Verveine taster menu to our humble abode.

Our good friends James and Tamsyn went in on the auction with us. James and I agreed our limit without consulting either of our wives (brave or what!), so on one of my ‘working from home days’ I was entrusted to bid on the team’s behalf. I knew the hours honing my skills on ebay would pay off eventually - victory was ours!

David Wykes & Helen Hatch
from Verveine
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So a fortnight ago James and Tam joined my wife Sarah and I for the fabulous night. David even threw in a bottle of Champagne and a Beaujolais (served chilled – who knew!). The food was spectacular and surprising in equal measure, David and Helen were great company and taught us lots (most of which we’d forgotten by the end of the night thanks to our own additional vino). My description of the menu would not do it justice, but it included:

· Smoked mackerel pate with edible soil and radish
· Crab and samphire
· Lymington lobster
· See bass with white chocolate
· Sasheemi Tuna
· Burnt chocolate ice cream
· Panacotta
· Doughnuts
· Chocolate and beetroot stones
· Petit fours with edible rappers and fisherman’s friend macaroons

We all went to bed with bellies full and heads slightly spinning, a perfect Saturday night (unfortunately it was Sunday, so not the most enjoyable Monday commute – it was worth it).

A huge thank you to David and Helen for feeding us on their day off and their generosity, the new kitchen is well and truly christened. Also, a big thank you to the people of Milford for not out bidding us. In case you were wondering, yes they did do the washing up as promised – what service!"

The Food Week Team were delighted that Julian & Sarah and their friends James and Tamhad such a great evening, and we send our sincere thanks to David & Helen for their hard work and fabulous generosity.

Verveine Fishmarket Restaurant
98 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QE
01590 642176 -

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