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Friday, 1 May 2015

Donations for Laughs

At last Thursday's Comedy Club, not only was everyone in a jovial mood after watching the acts (and enjoying the bar!) - but they were also in a generous mood.

It is hard to imagine anyone that has not be moved by the devastating images we have been seeing from the tragedies in Nepal. The earthquake has destroyed families and communities, and it was obvious their plight was not far from people's minds even though they were out for an evening enjoying themselves.

Some quick-witted members of the Community Centre team recognised an immediate opportunity to raise some funds to help those affected by the disaster, by grabbing some buckets to collect donations from the audience as they left.

The great people of Milford on Sea were very generous and the total collection raised £460.

This amount has been donated to ShelterBox by the Community Centre, and the money will soon be working helping desperate people in real need.

Jim Bunting said: "I had not expected so much to be raised, and have checked the Shelter Box website to find this sum could supply shelter and food for two families."

Well done to everyone involved. As Jim also said; "Good old Milford eh!!!!!"

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