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Monday, 18 May 2015

Beach Huts Coming Down

Following their destruction in the Valentine's Night Storm of February 2014, the Milford on Sea seafront beach huts are being demolished prior to reconstruction.

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Colin Read, Head of Environment Services at New Forest District Council said: "It is anticipated that these works will be completed within 6 weeks starting on the 1st June. We are aware of the impact this may have on local businesses and we will aim to keep the disruption to a minimum. This week we will send letters out to the Bowls Club and the Café as well as those residents overlooking the huts."

The NFDC are also hopeful that there will be no demolition works taking place at the weekends, and that the promenade can be opened up for normal use. The aim in the have this work completed by early July before the start of the peak summer season.

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