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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Thoughts on Nicked Pill Box

Following our recent story; 'Who Nicked Our Pill Box' (click here to read) - we have received a few replies.

The first grown up response was from Phil Cooper, who said; "I did some research when you first posted the article. It seems that this was an observation or section post, possibly to control and coordinate the search light batteries and other defences located in the Milford on Sea area. As such it was probably not as substantial as the pillbox on the front and therefore more easily dismantled. No idea who nicked it though…."

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Phil also told us of the 'Britain from Above' website, which records wartime defence placements: click here to read, - and some more information on the local Searchlight Batteries: click here.

It was also delightful to also receive a ridiculous reply.

Richard Braginton (a keen village cyclist who may have come off his bike hitting his head once to often), suggested; "

It was in fact the land equivalent of a Z Ship (armed ships disguised as merchant ships during the second world war). It is completely mobile although being made of concrete and was powered by two Sherman tank engines. Soldiers would sit on the open top deck disguised as civilian holiday makers whilst on the lower deck powerful guns where hidden should the enemy put in an appearance the whole thing moved up and down the promenade during daylight hours it was unfortunately lost during a party to mark the end of the war when it was driven into the sea and was lost forever."

(NB: When I say 'Village Cyclist, It means Richard lives in the village, not that he only cycles around the village!)

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