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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Who's Lost a Koi?

A village resident has reported seeing a huge goldfish (Koi Carp?) whilst walking alongside the Danestream towards the village bridge.

As she watched the fish another local resident walked by, and said he was going straight home to ring the RSPCA. (or perhaps going to get a net!)

Approximately an hour later, our gallant fish whisperer returned to see if it was still there, and they were pleased to find it was still swimming slowly by the bridge.

In an effort to identify why our friend the Koi was in the Danstream I wandered down to take a look.

As I peered over the bridge, local fisherman Bob Finn came along and started to explain to me that it is well known that Koi Carp regularly breed in the stream. He added that around October-time salmon can be seen fighting the flow to return to their spawning grounds upstream near Shorefield. He then went on to explain that this is also the time that the Grizzly Bears come out of the Pleasure Grounds to feed in preparation for their hibernation.

I checked Bob's story with the Milford on Sea Conservation Volunteers, who confirmed my theory that Bob is a bigger idiot than me.

So, if anyone has lost a Koi Carp, from their pond it was in the Danestream yesterday (or perhaps caught by the bloke with a net, or eaten by a Heron!)

Fortunately it was not a dolphin that was reported in the Danestream, as I would have simply put the report down to the fact that the bridge is very near The Smugglers Inn ...and we get many weird sightings after people have had a few too many at the welcoming bar!

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