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Friday, 6 February 2015

Seventies Pupil School Reunion

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A group of ex-Milford Primary School pupils from the seventies are having a get together at The Smugglers Inn pub in Milford on Sea.

Sheila is looking for everyone who left the school to go onto secondary school in July 1973. 

Sheila Harrod (Now Prouten) used to live with brother Rex in Orchard Cottage, which is the thatched cottage, next door to the parish church. Today she lives in France. 

The groups of '50 somethings' from the same school year are invited to join Sheila and other school friends for a drink and a chat, from about 6.30pm on Saturday 25th April.

You can find and contact Sheila on Facebook, or send me your details and I will pass on to her:

Sheila Prouten

Milford on Sea Primary School

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