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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Naughty Buoy!

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An eagle-eyed reader spotted a rogue channel marker buoy misbehaving on Monday.  

The buoy had broken from it's secure (or not so secure) fixings and was having lots of fun bobbing around willy nilly just off Milford on Sea beach.

As our reader continued to monitor the buoy's playtime, a ship made a number of unsuccessful attempts to recover it.

After getting bored with performing for anyone who happened to be watching from inside The Marine, the little scamp made a run for it.

This however was not a good move, and our little friends fun day was about to turn for the worse. When he gleefully rounded Hurst Spit giggling at his adventure, he was obviously not paying full attention, and the buoy hit the rocks and was smashed into pieces by the fierce tide. 

What a naughty buoy, - his Mum will be furious!

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