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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Milford Pavement Problems

It has been exciting to hear how many people are saying they are planning to take up the Shopping Challenge during Love Milford Week (click here

- Interestingly, it has also identified a problem that a number of young mum's with pushchairs, and some of our less mobile neighbours, have when shopping in the village.

Navigating the steps and aisles in Hollands and The Co-Op can also be a tricky experience for some.

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A discussion has developed on Facebook relating to various pavement/kerb/road conditions that make the village centre unfriendly for mothers with buggies and wheelchair users. (click here to read or join in the discussion)

I spoke to Paul at Hollands about his steps, (which are difficult to reconfigure another way), and he said that anyone who struggles with the steps (like the less mobile and push chair customers), are welcome to come up the level side roadway and into the shop through the back entrance. You can even park the push chair whilst you shop – and he will deliver what you buy. The rear entrance is open every day from 7am to 4pm for people to come in to shop.

We have also written a letter to the Parish Council about the pavements, but whilst we await their thoughts, it is great to know Hollands are doing all they can for people to be able to shop with them.

I am confident that the Parish Council will agree that problems with the pavements is pretty disturbing, not just because of the difficulties for the people mentioned, but also because this prevents some people from shopping in the village centre, particularly as the shops need all the customers they can get.

Whilst this may not fall under the Parish Council's jurisdiction, it will be interesting to know the councils opinion, and whether Hampshire County Council have any plans to make improvements to the pavement/kerb/road conditions in Milford on Sea village centre. When we hear we will of course let you know the situation.

The core of Love Milford Week is the 'Shopping Challenge' (, - the idea is to challenge people to only shop in the village for that week, - ironically this has identified that for some people shopping in the village is a real challenge all year round!

Great to hear that Paul Holland is finding the best solution he can, and it would be nice if the highways authorities could make some improvements to make things easier.

Hollands of Milford
49 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QG
01590 641882

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