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Friday, 14 November 2014

Piranha Caught in Milford

I know fisherman are known for their tall tales, but I am not sure even someone as dim-witted as me buys this one....

Adam Lynk, from the Photography Studios in Milford on Sea High Street, told me a dramatic story about how he had been on friends boat in the Solent fishing. The day had been calm, and apart for the sighting of a few other boats nothing much was going on. As he relaxed on deck playing with his maggot box, his line suddenly went taut and he immediately got an adrenalin rush as he held on to the rod as hard as he could. It was obvious that something extraordinary was biting, but he had no idea what.

As beads of sweat formed on his brow, the rest of the fishermen on-board lost interest in their own lines to either encourage or distract him with insults or banter, Adam struggled in a twenty minute wrestle to land the beast.

Even when his trousers split, his focus on the line never wavered. A truly epic 'man v fish' battle was under-way.

On more than one occasion it looked as though he would lose, but each time he pulled things back on to an even keel. Then, after much reeling, pulling, sweating and cursing, it happened... the angry fish appeared above the water line, and the man and fish stared steely into each other eyes, until, with one last mighty pull, the fisherman was the victor.

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Having landed the thrashing monster on to the deck, the boys on board stood back to see what Adam had just caught... - it seemed unbelievable ... it was a Piranha!

Not believing this actually happened, Adam told me he could prove it, and that the fish could be seen in Jabulani Gallery in Milford on Sea High Street.

Like a mug, I went to see what was there.... - what greeted me was even more fantastic!

There was indeed a Piranha, ...but it was a stunning Stainless Steel Sculpture made by New Forest sculpture artist Michael Turner. It stood magnificently at about 3ft/4ft wide. (No idea what that is in mm's) The detail of the scales, fin and vicious teeth just make you stand and admire, and it is hard to resist touching it. The measure of a wonderful work of art I suggest.

The piece is up for sale, but I didn't have the type of cash required to spare. Looking is free though, so why not pop in to see Sally and take a look at a truly excellent work from a master of sculpture.

Editors Note: "I can't believe I just made this whole thing up to encourage you to go and see the sculpture - which I promise, is really worth seeing, and really does exist!'

Michael Turner Stainless Steel Sculpture

Jabulani Gallery
6 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
01590 644334

Adam Lynk Photography Studios
25 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF
01590 645478

Michael Turner Stainless Steel Sculpture
click image to enlarge

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