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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ranger to Rainbow

A new book 'Ranger to Rainbow', that will excite many a yachtsmen, has just been published by a village author.

David Pitman, local businessman and author, has just published his new book which is a detailed account of the development of the J Class yachts, primarily from 1996 when David first became involved with the rebuild of Velsheda. He was Secretary of the class for more than 12 years and primarily responsible for the rebirth of the Class, from the launch of a new Ranger in 2002, then Hanuman, Lionheart and finally Rainbow in 2012. It is packed with many technical and sailing images of these iconic yachts.

Other J Yachts, including SVEA are now under construction or in design stage. The book details an account of the build process, the technical development of the yachts, the crewing and the Class Association.

This book continues the detailed story of the J Yachts covered by the book Enterprise to Endeavour, written by Ian Dear (also available on request £42).

As well running a successful local business, David Pitman is a proficient yachtsman having sailed competitively at the highest level in a range of dinghies, catamarans, race and superyachts. He also finds time the fly his own light plane and has taken may spectacular shots of the Milford on Sea area from the air. An example of which you can see on the front of Hollands of Milford's window.

Ranger to Rainbow
132 pages A4 packed with many colour and historic images.
ISBN 978-0-9576156-2-5

Strawberry Marketing
01590 645082

Strawberry Publishing
01590 645082

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