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Monday, 13 October 2014

MOSHRS View on Museum

As discussions continue into the feasibility of a Milford Museum, we have received the letter below from Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society (MOSHRS) expressing their view.

Letter from Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society

Following a statement from the Trustees of the Village Hall, the Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society have now expressed their views on a proposed Museum in Milford-on-Sea.

The Society is happy to support a Museum in the Village and to make the collection available provided the conditions are right, such as how the loaned items are displayed at the St Barbe Museum in Lymington.

The Society who currently has a storage facility in the Village Hall, are grateful to the Trustees of the Hall who, after the Society was requested to leave their original storage space in the Parish Church Hall, came to the Society's rescue, by assisting financially in providing both this current storage facility and fireproof cabinets for the Society's records. The gesture resulted in preventing the records having to be deposited with the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester. The Society is therefore very fortunate to be able to store most of its records in the Village, which can be accessed for periodic Exhibitions.

The Society's collection is almost entirely paper based with few artefacts, which makes displaying effectively difficult and needs a lot of space. Although the idea of a Museum has been floated in the past, no suitable venue in the Village has ever been identified and the question of finance never resolved.

Following the good news regarding the continuation of the Village Library, due to a good number of volunteers coming forward, the Society considers there would not be sufficient space or income to run an effective Museum alongside the Library. The Village Hall also services a number of other users and the Society feels therefore, that accommodating a Museum around the existing users, would create a further number of difficulties.

On behalf of:
Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society

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