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Friday, 10 October 2014

From Broadband to Smurfs

Like a lot of people, understanding why we do not get a decent mobile phone signal in Milford on Sea, or why our broadband is so slow, or knowing what colour Smurfs go if they are strangled, is simply beyond me.

Thankfully there are people more knowledgeable that me in the village, and thanks to Roy Culligan we can be enlightened on the broadband situation. (Sadly he can't answer the Smurf question.)

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For a number of months there have been a good number of Openreach vans whizzing around the village, with men jumping out and sticking their heads in cabinets along the roadside. 

Initially I thought they may have been hunting the 'village Molemen', but it appears not.

Roy has informed us that his property in Milford on Sea (and probably many more in the village) is now capable of receiving a faster broadband service (about 40Mbps) (Ed: Nope, I don't know what that means either) via Openreach's 'Fibre To The Cabinet' service.  He explains; "Whilst this is still not fibre to each individual dwelling, it is still a great step forward for the village in gaining much faster broadband speeds and brings us into the 21st century technology age."

If you click here to visit the Openreach Superfast Broadband website, you can enter your postcode and it will tell you of the broadband options for your home or business.

When I did a search on our postcode I was greeted with this joyous message:

Exchange Name: MILFORD ON SEA
Status: AO
Great news. Superfast Fibre is in your area and your cabinet is enabled and accepting orders. Contact your preferred communications provider for your home or business to order.

So, it looks like things are speeding up on the worlwide interwebby thing, and you can click here to find your own provider to ask how you get the faster service.

If you have any other questions, please ask BT, as I don't have a clue.

However, if you do call BT, don't ask them about the Smurf's - I just did that and they hung up!

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  1. Oh God , that would mean having to actually phone bt which is my worse nightmare!!! Would rather stick with what I have rather than waiting for ages and speaking to someone from goodness knows where!!