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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Roller Mystery

We have received an e-mail from, Doug Human a Somerset man who has discovered a garden roller buried in his garden.

Click image to enlarge
The roller handle has decorative crest in cast iron work, and also has the name/word: George Jobson, Milford.

Doug wishes to paint it back to its former glory, and is curious if George was connected to Milford on Sea village?

He has said that the letters on the crest are definitely an 'M' on the top left, with what looks like an 'O' top right, and an 'S' underneath in the middle.

If you have any idea on what any of this might mean, or can throw any light on the subject at all, please contact Doug Human at or on 01984 634471 or 07796 506509.

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