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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Roots of Rhythm

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Local musician and village resident, Charlie Brown is a guy who knows a thing or two about rhythm.

He been playing drums and percussion for ten years, after graduating with a BA in Professional Musicianship from the Bristol Institute of Modern Music in 2011. After graduating, he became a full time musician with The Other Tribe signing to Black Butter records which was soon followed by contracts with Sony and Sony Publishing. He released a single back in Summer 2012 entitled Skirts, which made it to the UK top 40. 

He currently works at the Academy of Music and Sound in Southampton as a tutor and technician.

Charlie is an amazing percussionist (which anyone attending the Shelterbox gig in March will already know) and he will soon be leading the Roots of Rhythm drumming workshop from 2-4pm on Saturday 12th July in the Guide Hut.

At the Roots of Rhythm workshop you can learn about some of Africa's rich musical heritage through the ever popular Djembe (African Drum). No matter what level of ability you have, you can learn new rhythms in a group environment, experiment and play with a wide variety of percussion, as well as the chance to meet new people in a friendly atmosphere. Even better, you can just hit things randomly to your heart’s content!

If you fancy going along to join in, please contact Christine at: or visit

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