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Friday, 30 May 2014

MCV: Milford Springwatch

What have you seen in your garden? 

Spring is a time of high activity in our gardens. Take just a few minutes to sleuth the wildlife, you will soon spot different species of butterflies, moths, bees and other insects all helping to pollinate our flowers, fruit and vegetables.

We are keeping them alive! Bees will soon be landing where we have planted foxgloves, lavender and buddleia. Small pale blue butterflies seen in Milford may be Holly Blues; they particularly like holly trees and bushes. White butterflies with orange tipped wings are called Orange Tips which are partial to garlic mustard. Peacock butterflies, those colourful ones with the big eye-like design on their wings, come for almost any flower. 

Moth species to be seen in the village include Angle Shade, Silver Y and Tiger species. 

And with insects come insect-eating birds such as blackbirds. 

Currently blue tits and great tits are swooping between their nests and food supplies. One small garden near the fish and chip shop has nine nest boxes! Robins are foraging for worms, insects and seeds to fatten their chicks. 

What can you do today to encourage the insects and birds into your garden? If you would like any help please email MCV (Milford Conservation Volunteers) at

To find out more about Milford Conservation Volunteers, please visit;

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