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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Doing It for Someone Else

It is always impressive when people take personal pain to help others.

This week we have two examples:

The first is my wife and me.  To explain, some months ago my wife was motivated to do the Marathon Moonwalk in London. All that she raised is to go towards fighting breast cancer charities. Like many others she knows how this nasty disease affects peoples lives. 

Her rigorous training schedule went perfectly, I particularly enjoyed the 20 mile training stints, which gave me several hours on the sofa unobserved.

Last Saturday night the event arrived. She valiantly started at 11pm and completed the full marathon route in just over 8 hours, and I stayed at home and had a rather good curry, a few drinks, followed by a peaceful nights kip without complaints about the TV being too loud.

Now being over 40, the cold, wet and windy night was not quite as easy as afternoons spent training in the sun along the seafront, so when she returned from her epic adventure she was bedraggled, aching and in need of acute nursing. I of course stepped immediately into the nursing role and spent the next two days waiting on her hand and foot. Sadly she violently refused my repeated offers of a bed bath. However, as she did not have the energy to cook, I did pretty well on the takeaway front.

I myself was not sponsored for my bedside skills, but should you want to give something towards her efforts there is a link at the end of this page. 

London to Brighton Challenge

Some of you will know Joy Ayling, former owner of Milford Model & Hobbies Shop in the High Street.

Still living in the village, joy has told us that her son, William and his Friend Tom Penman are going to do the London to Brighton Challenge in aid of Oakhaven, and in memory of their fathers, Miles and David who both died of cancer.

The event takes place on May Bank Holiday 24th-25th May, where they will cover the 100km walk/jog/run route from the capital to the coast.

A gruelling activity lays ahead for the boys, but their motivation will no doubt get them through. (I only hope they have quality nursing planned for the days after.) You can find out more, or sponsor the guys from the link below.
To sponsor My Wife: click here.

To sponsor William and Tom: click here. - Oakhaven Donation Envelopes are also available in Haywood Fox’s Milford office, where (William's brother) Richard works.

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