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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Broadband and Mud

A number of BT Openreach vans have been seen across the village and have been accessing a number of the telephone cabinets dotted about the place. We have been asked if we can expect fibre broadband any time soon? Like most things, we of course don't know, but we did discover below.

When accessing the BT Broadband website to check on fibre availability, it stated that the MoS telephone exchange is now 'Accepting orders. Superfast is in the area. To check whether your property can get it, contact your preferred supplier for your home or business.' (click here to visit website.)

I then used their link to visit our supplier (BT) and searched by our telephone number, it said 'BT Infinity isn't currently available to you.'

Although..., by the van activity it might be on the way... who knows!

So there you have it, as clear as mud!

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