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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Milford Author Publishes The Patient

Local Milford on Sea author, Maureen Farenden has published The Patient, the second book in her Trilogy.

The Patient: Charity Holmes, psychic investigator, is back. In another psychic thriller, the Inceptor and her intrepid team of adventurers - Sam, Robyn, Aunt Lizzy, Jack and Charity's beloved husband Monty - are about to do battle with the forces of evil. Following the death of an anonymous old street beggar, Charity is charged with discovering her true identity. But who is she, where did she come from, what is her past and what secrets does it conceal? Soon Charity and her trusty Ring of Power are embarking on a treacherous journey back into the past and deep into the heart of darkness. Back to 1940 and a covert operation to evacuate the nation s riches to the safety of Canada. Back to the scene of a brutal murder aboard a British battleship in mid-Atlantic. Back to an evil plot to steal £2 million of wartime bullion. Once again Charity is forced to call upon her extraordinary powers to help fight her erstwhile adversary, Lucifer. Will Charity outwit her arch nemesis and bring redemption to her charge? Or has she, at last, met her match? The future of the universe hangs in the balance as the Inceptor prepares to do battle once more...

The Spirit is the first book in The Inceptor Trilogy. The story feature intrepid psychic investigator, Charity Holmes, this classic tale of good versus evil is played out against a backdrop of paranormal phenomena. When ruthless American businessman, Stephen Mallon, is brutally murdered the crime scene shows signs of a ritual slaying. What is more remarkable is that, a few hours after his murder, the dead man makes a phone call to the offices of Charity Holmes seeking redemption and justice for his soul. Can Stephen Mallon be freed from the tyranny of purgatory? And how does Charity's own destiny become inextricably linked with the unfolding events? As time ticks steadily on towards the day of reckoning, the legions of the underworld are gathering strength. Only one person has the power to halt their deadly march - and that is the Inceptor: Charity Holmes, psychic investigator.

The final book in the trilogy will be out soon.

The Patient and The Spirit are now published in e-book format and can be downloaded on to your Kindle from Amazon for only £2.99.

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