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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hurst Bridge Meeting Erupts

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Stormy scenes were witnessed as protesters from Milford on Sea made their views known at a recent Hampshire County Council Planning Meeting.

The meeting chairman, Councillor Jass, only managed to restore order with the threat of calling the police.

After a five year consultation process the proposals for Hurst Bridge were presented for decision by the council.

Protesters tried to make the point that the Milford on Sea community had not been directly consulted and objected that all meetings had taken place in Winchester. These arguments fell on deaf ears.

Hurst Bridge is planned to run from a new bridgehead to be constructed next to Hurst Castle across to Totland Bay on the Isle of Wight.

Councillor Druff, made the point that the new bridge is key to the regeneration of the Isle of Wight and will increase tourism trade for the island. He also said; "Hurst Castle have a great opportunity to expand their cafĂ© offering to travellers wishing to rest before crossing the bridge."

Plans were then revealed to create a suitable access road, the Village Green would be narrowed in order to widen Church Hill. Shouts erupted from the viewing gallery as protesters heckled, banged their sticks and threw various objects and liquids into the council chamber. As police dragged away the final protester, the livid Milfordian made it clear where the council could stick their bridge.

Eventually order was restored. Councillor D.Druff, in a slightly agitated state, reopened the meeting by saying; "Some people simply do not appreciate want we do for them. Those people from Milford on Sea are always trouble. Why is it that so many retired people have nothing better to do that get in the way of our great ideas." 

Councillor Hugh Jass apologised for Councillor Dan Druff's outburst, and went on to say; "We also wish to make it easier for people from Milford on Sea to reach the island, and saver cards will be made available to all residents which will offers discounts for journeys made on foot or disability scooter."

The chairman then asked the council to vote on the Hurst Bridge proposal. The proposal was approved by a majority of 11 to 1 with the construction of Hurst Bridge to commence on the first day of April 2015. 

Local residents are now planning a sit-in protest and barricades in Church Hill the moment the roadwork team arrives.


  1. Is this an April Fools joke?

  2. As an ex resident of Milford I will back and support any plans to scupper the council plans for a bridge from Milford on Sea, What brain storm are they on, it would cause total grid lock in Lyndhurst, Lymington and ruin Milford.

  3. I don't not believe this to be true. If it is then it is long overdue. The IOW takes enough money from Europe for 'development' and is the most expensive sea crossing per mile in the World.