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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Rapping on the Radio

If you are a radio listener, check out the Nick Girdler show on Sunday 6th April.

Yours truly will be on live on air between 9.30am and 9.45am in a radio interview with Nick. We will be chatting about Milford on Sea Food Week and also reviewing the Sunday papers.

As you may imagine, there is an awful lot to talk about, and every opportunity will be taken to plug Milford on Sea!

Click Here Listen to Food Week Rap
A good friend of mine, who obviously has a mind that operates in strange ways, and far too much time on his hands, created a rather odd 'Milford on Sea Food Week Rap'. 

Steve 'Carrots' Carroll, took the voice comments from a recording of a radio interview and then constructed the nonsense below!

That's reminds me, Steve also did a previous video on the Milford on Sea Food Market during an earlier Food Week, that is also worth a look. This guy is a bit too creative for his own good!

click here to watch film

A couple more past films you may enjoy:

click here to watch film
click here to watch film

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