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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Your editor is emigrating!

Well we are all packed, the car is loaded with curry sauces and other associated essentials, my wife is in the boot, dogs in the front, and we are now emigrating to French France. 

Leaving Milford on Sea will not be easy, but the delights of Deauville on the Cote de Fleurie are also hard to resist even in winter. Having emigrated there a number of times before we are excited about our latest adventure. Our new French seafront home now awaits, and I suspect we may arrive to a surprise civic reception, street party and many kisses from the mayor.

Unfortunately for you, the wonders of e-mail and the internet will keep us in touch and the Milford on Sea News Bulletin will continue, however it is being renamed 'Le Bulletin de Nouvelles' to fit in with our new lifestyle. Although it may be a little less frequent, and it may have a slightly French flavour. Should anyone have any problems when I inadvertently drop my ramblings into French, I am sure Lionel at La Perle will be happy to translate for you.

Our regular readers will know that I need no improvement to my French language skills and etiquette, as these were perfected on our last emigration to France. 

Whilst I am rarely understood by the French people I meet, or generally accost, I suspect this can only be a regional accent issue. Indeed, once attired with a beret and hooped tee shirt I am often mistaken for a native Frenchman. 

Mon ├ępouse continues to insist that a month or so in France is not ‘emigration’ but simply a ‘ridiculously long holiday’, but I think she is technically incorrect. 

She also insists that wearing a beret and drinking Pastis every day does not mean that I will become half French. However my penchant for baguette, cheese & French wine (particularly wine) I think proves that I am indeed nearly French already.

I have already enquired how long it will take for us to become French citizens, so next time you see me I will be eligible for a starring role in Les Miserables.

Au revoir mes amis!

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