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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Were you a 1st Milford Brownie?

This year sees a very special celebration for 1st Milford on Sea Brownies in Milford. Not only is it 100 years since the start of Brownies but it is also the 90th Birthday of our very own 1st Milford on Sea Brownie Unit!

1st Milford on Sea Brownies was registered on 30th August 1923 and continues to go from strength to strength. We have a full unit of 24 Brownies with more on our waiting list, four qualified leaders, a Young Leader and two Brownie Helpers.

On Monday 21 April, 2014 we will be holding a very special 90th Birthday Party. We would like to hear from as many former 1st Milford on Sea Brownies and Leaders as possible with a view to recording their favourite memory from Brownies and inviting them to our party. Our celebration is in the planning stages at the moment so please watch this space.

If you were previously a member of 1st Milford Brownies, at any point, or you know someone who was, please get in touch by calling Rebecca Webb (Brownie Leader) on 01590 641644 or emailing They would love to hear from you.

Footnote: As a young lad I tried to join the Brownies on several occasions, but apparently 'the cubs were better for me'. I begged to differ, but my protestations fell on deaf ears. In spite of my disappointments years ago, I will of course be donning my brown uniform, shaving my legs and seeing if I can sneak into the party without being noticed!

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