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Friday, 29 November 2013

Xmas Village Shopping

Do you buy all of your Christmas presents in Milford on Sea?
No?, - me neither.
I feel a little bit guilty about that. Like most of us, I love the vibrancy of our village, and the shops are central to what makes everything tick. But, sadly the draw of the internet, large shopping centres and convience, means most of what I spend goes outside of the village.
This year I am consciously trying to spend some of my Christmas cash with our local shops. We have around 5000 residents in Milford on Sea, and if we all spend just £25 in the village, the shopkeepers would share an extra £125,000. Wouldn't that be nice for them. 
So, why not join me and buy as much Christmas meat, veg, food, wine, beer, and other goodies from our shops. For your Christmas presents the restaurants and beauty salons have gift vouchers, we have a great model & toy shop, and of course we have all the charming antique and gift shops brimming with something a bit different for the people you care about.

There are also some local online traders you might not even know, so go on, why not give them a bit of your Christmas spending this year!

Here's a reminder of where you can shop:

Village Gift Shops

Jabulani Gallery, Landfall Gallery, The Old Smithy and Milford Model & Hobbies Shop

Brocante Antiques, The Gallery at Milford (Pop Up Shop), The Village Antiques and Carringtons Antiques

Village Online Gifts & Crafts

Seaside Miniatures:
Coloured with Love:
Little Green Acorn:
Milford Makers:
Phoenix Trading:
Wind Over Tide
Tessa van Hasselt Greeting Cards:
Life Poster:
Vinegar Hill Pottery:

Oh, and if you like music, Nikki Williams, a great friend of ours has just lauched an album. You can hear her sing the tracks she and her writing partner have created on the website, and if you like it, - it will make a great stocking filler! -

Finally, if you know of any village traders we have missed, drop me a line at and we will give them a plug.


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