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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Giant Bunting Project

How about this as a brilliant idea from our local kids?
MiCO are putting together a Giant Community Bunting Project over the next few months. The idea came from one of the young MiCO members.
The concept is that as many organisations, businesses, groups, clubs or even streets get the chance to represent themselves on a giant flag that will be displayed on the village green for a couple of weeks in June 2014. The focus is to get everyone represented right in the centre of our community, and working together under the same 'banner' (excuse the pun!)
There will also be a giant community picnic on the green to open the display. Is it quite a mammoth task, and we are at the early planning stages, and need as many hands to help as possibe. MiCO would like to invite you to a meeting about the project on the Friday the 13th of December (only unlucky for some) at 5pm in the Methodist Church Hall - it shouldn't take too long, just to let everyone know what is happening and to see who is interested in creating a flag and how we are going forward with making it a reality!
Please let Joey know if you can come and please spread the word.....anyone who wants to join in is welcome! It will be giant!
Contact: Joey Owen,  Community Development Officer
MiCO (Milford Community Organisation)
01590 644961 | 07557 658495
About MiCO
MiCO (Milford Community Organisation) is a youth led community group set up to promote community cohesion and development, and to bring together diverse sections and ages of the community.
MiCO provides a forum for people of all ages to come together and discuss issues relevant to village life, and explore ways of promoting positive action to enhance the village community.
As a development of ‘Milford Youth Group’, over the last 3 years MiCO have carried out a number of projects enabling young people to explore what it means to be a young person growing up in Milford, and how young people ‘fit in’ and are seen by other members of the community. More recently we have also worked with people of all ages to explore and record the rich cultural heritage of Milford and Keyhaven.
Our vision is of a village where every member of the community feels valued, and has the confidence and means to have a positive input into village life.

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