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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Free Cakes for Kids

A national network; 'Free Cakes for Kids', which very much operates on a local level, is now being represented in Milford on Sea by Sarah Clayton.
Sarah is now the the Milford group coordinator. You may also know Sarah through her business, as she also owns the highly regarded Bay Trees B&B in Milford on Sea High Street with her husband Mark.
Free Cakes for Kids provide birthday cakes for children who otherwise would not have one. We all recognise the importance of celebration and everyone involved believes that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy their birthday.
Sometimes parents are unable to provide cakes for their children for a host of reasons and everyone should be aware of the high levels of poverty that exist in the New Forest and surrounding areas.
Free Cakes for Kids is a local enterprise and Sarah wants to tell Milford on Sea residents what it is and how it works. As the Milford group coordinator she has recruited a group of talented local volunteer bakers. The cakes they make will be completely homemade and as good as they can be. Fortunately Sarah as a professional cake maker in the group which is brilliant, together with others who simply enjoy baking.
Cakes by 'Free Cakes for Kids' are free to the family and volunteers provide their own ingredients.
They will receive requests for cakes from any professional agency for example, playgroups, schools, health visitors as well as family centres. Homestart have kindly agreed to also support then.

Sarah has said they they are on the lookout for more bakers, so if you fancy getting involved you can contact her on: 01590 642186 - 
Should anyone know a child that could benefit from this new venture, please feel free to contact Sarah to make a request for a cake.
Sadly, there is no organisation called 'Free Cakes for Old Blokes', should anyone fancy starting one these goups just let me know!

Free Cakes for Kids
Bay Trees B&B
8 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
01590 642186


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