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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Soapy Breakfast

Popular village residents, Katie & Simon Kemp, started a small charitable activity some time ago to help and support an Egyptian family in Cairo.
As Katie explains: "We started 'Rope Sole' around 10 years ago, the aim was to be a 'drop in the ocean' against the hopelessness we saw when visiting Egypt.
So we found Egyptian potters, artists, and artisans, set up the business and imported their wares. Many people in Milford on Sea supported us and (even though our particular drop only involved 4 containers of goods) now the Missionary led enterprise, South of the pyramids, which we bought from, is entirely run and owned by locals. Proving that Drops do work!"

Recently Katie & Simon had sad news from their adopted Egyptian family in Cairo that they looked for another 'drop' opportunity.
Whilst spending the last few month's aboard their boat (also named Rope Sole) in the Greek Mediterranean, they were bargaining for their usual garlic and tomatoes when they spotted a lovely stall with beautifully packaged jams, olive oils and ...a box of whitish blocks of Soap! After the usual game of Anglo/Greek charades and some dredged up English,  they understood that the soap is entirely natural and hand made by the Greek wife's father, and that it is great for hair/skin/feet and even clothes...and also for leather...that means leather sofas too.
Katie's business card used to describe her as ' Merchant of Artisan Wares' and that old self hove into view. Katie and Simon went back to the market and explained the plan, which was to buy lots of this fab Greek soap and bring it back to the village to raise funds for their adopted family. Their new soap making friend was so chuffed with their plan, that he gave them a 'special price'.
At the next Big Breakfast: This Saturday: 16th Nov: The BIG Community Breakfast: 9am to 10.30am at The Community Centre, they will have a basket and anyone who would like to support Maken and his family can make a donation in exchange for some great local Greek soap.  As a result One little village by the sea will be able to send a chunk of cash to a suffering little family in Egypt.
Everyone is invited to The BIG Breakfast, so why not pop along. it is a great way to start a day!

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