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Friday, 18 October 2013

Household Glass Collection Coming

New Forest District Council is pleased to announce that they are adding a household glass collection scheme to your household waste services in January 2014. The new collection will be more convenient and make it easier for residents to recycle their glass bottles and jars -it's also good for the environment.

Glass collection boxes and information packs with full details will be delivered to most properties in Milford on Sea areas from 13th January, and collections will start from 10th February. If you have not received a box by Friday 31st January, please let NFDC know by calling: Customer Services on 023 8028 5000.

If you live in flats, above shops, in a rural area, or a hard to access location, you may receive your glass collection box a bit later on. This is because NFDC are working with landlords to ensure they can provide suitable communal bins where possible, or because they are making special arrangements for a different vehicle to serve your area - NFDC don't want anybody to be left out! You can find out when the service is coming to you by visiting:

There will be no changes to existing black rubbish bag and clear recycling bag collections, and bottle banks will be left in place after the scheme has started and their use will be monitored over the coming months.
We trust that NFDC will have lorries of sufficient size to cope with the the volume of bottles from homes like ours!!


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