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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Henry Cuts a Groove

Life is full of surprises, even after seventeen years together my wife is as unpredictable as ever.

After a pleasant uneventful morning we were deciding where to go for Sunday Lunch. “I fancy a curry”, I predictably said. This request he been rejected most Sundays for decades, so I braced myself for a swift rejection, or kick in the groin, ...but instead I heard a sweet; "OK".

This is an unheard of response, which immediately made me feel uneasy. As she left the room, I was straight to the computer to check if it was our anniversary, her birthday or even one of the dogs birthdays. Drawing a blank, I wondered if it may be because it was the last day of 'National Curry Week', but I doubted that.

I am not sure how many guys out there become unsettled when their wife is nice to them, but I sure do.

Still unclear, but pretty happy, my wife offered to drive and we trundled off for our curry, washed down by a couple of bottles of cold cobra.
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Curry stomach full and feeling lucky, I then suggested we called in to The Cave on the way home for their 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon'. There is something nice about a Sunday afternoon drink and a bit of live music.

The welcome from Millie was warm and friendly, and Jon was playing mien-host to the happy gathering.

The music was cool and smooth from Henry Turner-Ward, a young Milford on Sea musician. Henry is only sixteen years old, but his sound was accomplished as he sang sets of his own songs together with his acoustic guitar. The music has the feel of a young Jack Johnson, and provided the perfect backdrop for a chat with the locals and some holiday makers.

The new Czech beer went down rather well, my wife joined in jollily with a civilised Baileys with ice. I was even allowed some time to choose a couple of bottles of wine to take home from the impressive stocks and just as nice prices.
Whilst she wasn't looking I managed to check my wife's handbag, and take a close look at her features, and was able to confirm that this was indeed my wife that I was out with.

On returning home it dawned on me why I had had the special treatment, I remembered that it had just been my birthday, ....roll on next year!

The Cave
Independent Wine Shop & Bar
2 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH
Tel: 01590 642195

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