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Friday, 13 September 2013

Older Driver Awareness Roadshow

Life can be very unfair. At a time of life when people need the independence and convenience a car gives, faculties start to fail and bits start to fall off! People are then faced with the challenging issue of when to stop driving.
Tony Harrison has recently been appointed as Milford Village Agent by Age Concern. He will be involved in trying to help older people in Milford maintain both their independence and safety on the road.
Older Driver Awareness Roadshow 
Have you ever wondered whether you or a member of your family are still safe to drive?

If so, you should come to the Older Driver Awareness Roadshow at the Community Centre on 26th September between 10am and 4pm. Simply pop in anytime during the day for a chat and to pick up some information.
The event is organised by the Older Drivers Forum, a not-for-profit organisation consisting of road safety experts, representatives of the emergency services as well as voluntary bodies and local authorities. You can find out more at:
The aim of the event is to help older drivers to keep driving safely for example by suggesting modification to their cars such as wing mirror adaptors or higher seats and by helping them to retain and improve their driving skills, having their driving abilities assessed and eye sight checked. And for those who have to give up driving because they are no longer safe, the Forum offers advice to help them maintain their independence without having access to a care.
If you would like to speak to Tony, his contact details are below:
Milford Village Agent by Age Concern Hampshire
Tony Harrison
07806 659452


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