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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hurst make splash on Coast

Wild Rose
Hurst Ferries: Wild Rose
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Last week the BBC TV programme, Coast were out at sea with the Hurst Castle Team filming one of their more unusual and least known jobs, - a burial at sea.

A lot of people may not be aware that bodies can still be buried at sea, and one of the few grounds in UK open for this ceromony is to the South of The Needles.
Whoever the person was, it is clear that they had a love of the sea, and this beautiful coastline.
The person's body was loaded aboard Wild Rose at Keyhaven Quay by the teams tractor and using a heavy lift, as the coffin is partially filled with concrete.

The Coast film crew were aboard Wild Rose for the committal. They were accompanied by our RIB Wightwater Rose with another film crew aboard. In spite of a little chop on the water all went well and the program is due to be shown in the next series of Coast.

Sean, Mary, Jason and the team at Hurst Ferries do a wide variety of sea-based jobs and services. Most well known is the Keyhaven Ferry which sails daily from Keyhaven Quay to and from Hurst Castle approx every 20 minutes. Return: Adults £5.50/Child £3 or Single: Adult £3.50/Child £2.
They also run a Water Taxi, which is licensed for 12 passengers in the Solent and available for transport to yachts, sightseeing, bird watching and other water taxi services in the west Solent.

Another unusual service, is that of Scattering of Ashes. Any size of group may be catered for from a single mourner to parties of 90 passengers. Within the Hurst Ferry fleet of seven boats there will be a vessel of the appropriate size. On board the boat there will be specially designed equipment which you may wish to use to ensure greater dignity.

Added to this, they also do a lot more usual work, suc has; scheduled & private Sea Sightseeing Tours, Adventure Rib Boat Rides, and commerical work, including ferrying various workmen out to The Needles Lighthouse.
Whilst Hurst Ferries do not operate angling trips, sea fishing trips do run from Keyhaven Quay with Ray Pitt Sea Fishing:
News from Hurst Castle
The Hurst Ferries Team have a 'Ferrymans Notes' section on their website, is is worth a regular visit, and an example is below.

Bird Spotting: 3rd September 2013
Summer tends to be a bit quiet but good broods of Scheld duck and Mallard have been raised. Now seeing the swallows and Starlings starting to feed up ready for departure. The Rock pipits at the Castle enjoyed a good season as did the Turnstones who think they own the low tide pontoon. The first of the Godwits now arriving.
Boat News: 3rd September 2013
Busy summer for boats Wild Rose and Solent Rose started their season on the Hythe to Southampton ferry and then moved to Cowes for the I.o.W Festival before returning to Keyhaven for the main season. Rosebud spent Cowes week ferrying yachtsmen around Cowes.

The ferry fleet: The custom is to name boats with names of monarchs or consorts from the period whilst the castle existed.

Fishing News: 3rd September 2013
Good numbers of Bream and Bass off Hurst beaches at present but Mackeral a bit patchy.

Hurst Castle
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