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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chewton Glen comes to Milford

Luke Matthews
(with James Martin)
Chewton Glen’s very own Executive Head Chef, Luke Matthews is going to be cooking at Milford on Sea C.E Primary School.

He hasn't changed his job, but The Parents Friends Association have been fortunate enough to have been able to organise an evening of fine food and tasting with Luke and his team.

This is a unique opportunity to join Luke and some of his team from his Michelin Star  kitchen, in an entertaining and engaging evening of cookery demonstrations, audience participation and tasting! The school will be filled with delicious aromas, as the audience will be shown how to cook six mouth-watering dishes, including Tortellini and Crispy Beef Vietnamese Salad – just to name a few!

Luke Matthews has been at Chewton Glen since 1993. He worked for ten years as Senior Sous Chef and in 2003 was appointed Executive Head Chef. Luke has honed his skills and developed a fabulous team and a well-recognised style of cuisine, whose secret lies in the quality of the ingredients selected and a deceptively simple approach to their preparation.

Luke's passion is the preparation of fish dishes and combining a lighter healthier style of cooking to all the dishes that he creates. Coming from Christchurch, Luke is married to Claire and they have two young children.

Tickets are priced at £18 per person and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and tickets are limited so please get in early.

To book your tickets please call the school office on 01590 642945.


  1. As a parent of 3 pupils at milford school, I can see the advantage of events like this, however it is a shame that the PFA don't organise events that can be enjoyed by all, not just those with deep pockets and even deeper bank accounts. There are many parents who would love to support and help raise funds but who's family budgets don't stretch to events like these. Come on guys forget your elitist attitude and cater for everyone.

  2. I must agree with you my friend.
    I'm a mum as well with a child at Milford school. Yes it is a fantastic opportunity but something I can't afford to do. I stood watching the PFA on Thursday & there is only one type of parent they stop.

  3. We always welcome new ideas and new members to the PFA so please leave your name and number with the school office so that we can get in touch to discuss your alternative event and fundraising ideas for next year as we want to include all parents.

  4. Try less standing and watching, and help them. There is no charge to join the PFA!!! I think the PFA would welcome people with strong views and vision. We should praise and support them rather than label with hurtful words. This minority of parents work so hard to raise funds for OUR CHILDREN. Try not to forget that.

  5. I disagree, there have been lots of excellent events organised by the PFA this year such as the Christmas and Summer Fair, the kids disco and the pamper evening. It just so happens that one of the parents works for a 5 star hotel so an event has been organised that utilises his skills. It's not mandatory, there are only 60 tickets available so it's not like they expected the whole school to turn out and they are only covering costs, so if you don't want to go or cannot afford to, you don't have to. If you want to do something about the type of activity the PFA provides for next year, get involved like the previous comment suggests.

  6. While not part of this group, I'm involved as a in a number of local clubs and societies which, like school PFAs, are entirely run by volunteers- and its amazing how many people are happy to sit on the sidelines offering advice and criticism of those giving up their time for free to create opportunities and events for others. My view in all these situations is clear, either get involved yourself and support others in their attempts to enrich your community or refrain from taking cheap shots at those who are seeking to make a difference.

  7. Sorry as the original poster of the comment on this topic, I have to reply to these comments. Let me first say the Christmas fair was excellent, and incidentally I was a volunteer for this entire event from organisation to set up, throughout the whole event and the clear up. As a side note I fundraise and volunteer for 4 different charitable organisations and have done for over 6 years, so please don't assume that because I don't agree with the direction the PFA are going means that I'm a do nothing and criticise person, as the previous comment suggests.
    What I was trying to highlight was the fact that despite its best intentions the current PFA is creating a them and us attitude within the playground. For instance, the summer fair, why were there no traditional stalls for parents this year, there was a silent auction, which by its very nature puts pressure on people to bid higher amounts, something which those on a budget cant do, so could not get involved. Could we not have had more traditional stalls , a cake stall or a traditional tombola stall with donations bought in for a non school uniform day? This would have let parents join in and feel part of the "community", without having to worry about the £'s. I know that there was a problem getting volunteers' for the class stalls this year, but I think this is indicative of the general malaise but it also reflects that parents are feeling ostracized.
    There will always be various sections of the community within the playground and we all want the best for ALL THE CHILDREN, all I'm asking is lets be like the kids and accept everyone for who they are no matter what their background or financial circumstances.